The Difference Between Crypto and PayPal Transactions

Modern casinos have flexible payment systems. Players can use multiple wallets and even cryptocurrency. Which method is better? Should you stick to the casino PayPal deposit system or use your crypto coins?

It is easy to find online casinos that use PayPal, and some of them have started accepting BTC. Both of these methods are faster and more convenient than bank wires. They are also safer, as you do not have to share your credit card number or account details. At the same time, the systems have major distinctions. 

What Is PayPal?

The history of PayPal dates back to 1999. Today, it is used by over 170 million people worldwide. It is particularly popular with business owners, freelancers, and eBay users. Payments worth over 300 million dollars are processed daily. 

Gambling at an online casino using PayPal is another popular application. This method is convenient, fast, and secure, as one only discloses the address of their wallet. The amount of personal information received by the gambling site is minimized. PayPal is a great choice for secure deposits.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Used?

In recent years, more and more platforms have embraced cryptocurrency payments. Bitcoin has been around since 2008, but it did not enter the mainstream until 2017. Back then, one coin was worth $20,000. As of this writing, it costs roughly $36,500. Aside from Bitcoin, casinos may accept alternatives like Ethereum, Ripple, or Litecoin.

Comparison of Ease of Use

Despite the recent surge of their popularity, cryptocurrencies are still used by fewer gamblers than PayPal. This is partly explained by the difficulties associated with digital coins. To handle crypto effectively, you need to understand how blockchain works. In comparison, PayPal can be used by anyone.

Comparison of Security

In this regard, the options are similar. In an online casino with PayPal or crypto payments, you do not have to share a lot of personal information to make a deposit or collect your winnings. The gambling website only sees the address of your wallet. Sensitive data is well-protected. 

Comparison of Fees

Generally, PayPal will charge you around 2.5 dollars per transaction. In the case of Bitcoin, the cost depends on the value of the cryptocurrency, which is constantly changing. Volatility will not always work in your favor. Note that altcoins may be cheaper to use.

Centralized vs. Decentralized

The biggest difference lies in the control over financial operations. PayPal is a more conventional centralized environment. Transactions in an online casino that accepts PayPal may require additional approval, and payments are sometimes frozen without prior notice. 

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, which is completely decentralized. All transactions are monitored by a network of computers around the globe. Approval is not usually necessary, unlike casino PayPal accepts. All that matters is having the right amount in your wallet and sending it to the right address.

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