GamStop: Pros and Cons for Gamblers

GamStop is a platform helping gamblers keep their impulses in check. Registration triggers automatic self-exclusion, which renders member casinos inaccessible. However, the system is not perfect. In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of GamStop.

What Is GamStop?

Some people find it hard to stick to betting limits. Addiction is a big problem around the world. GamStop has a noble goal — to prevent users from turning into problem gamblers. This is a system for voluntary exclusion, and it is increasingly popular in the United Kingdom.

The ban is not permanent — it lasts a particular number of years chosen by the user. All casinos included in the system (all of them are based in the UK) are obliged to follow the rules and deny access to GamStop members. This is a requirement of the Gambling Commission.

Pros of GamStop

When gambling becomes a problem, Gamstop is an effective measure. It is guaranteed to restrict your online presence. If you change your mind, however, getting out of the system is impossible. Here are the key benefits of signing up for GamStop today. 

It is effective

As all member casinos have to play by the rules, you will not be able to gamble on these platforms. Your ban will be active as long as you specify upon enrollment. This is a great measure for people who have poor self-control. Unfortunately, gambling addiction is a fact, and it is difficult to treat.

Available in many casinos

Almost all top-notch casinos in the country are included in the system. They are authorized by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, so they have to comply with the self-exclusion stipulations.

It is free

GamStop is a free service dedicated to public welfare. Residents of the UK can recognize and address their problems. This is part of the government’s endeavor to fight gambling addiction on a nationwide scale. 

Comprehensive support

GameStop is not limited to automatic banning. It is a community that offers psychological support, emotional support, and recovery guidance.

Overview of Drawbacks

Gamblers who changed their minds have no opportunity to lift the ban until it expires naturally. In addition, even though the service is designed as voluntary, some residents may be forced to use it by their family members or other people. Finally, the prohibition only works in casinos registered locally. Gamblers can still access offshore sites with no problems.

To Sum up

Whether or not to use GamStop is up to you. Once you join the system, there is no turning back. The service is noble and effective for UK-based platforms. At the same time, it does not deprive you of an opportunity to play casino games on offshore sites.

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